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  • Acted for banks in Africa as part of their loan non recovery action to identify assets linked to debtors and their companies as part of their Non Performing Loan recovery action. Recoverable assets well in excess of the debts were identified as part of the investigations.

  • Investigated, traced and seized a £8 Million property portfolio of a Swiss National with assets in Sri Lanka and the UK. The individual also had a multi-million-pound tax bill served on them. The judge commended our investigation and our presentation of overwhelming evidence.

  • Investigated a $1.5 Billion portfolio of Non Performing Loans on behalf of a bank in the Middle East. 

  • Located offshore assets in China, Canada and the British Virgin Islands to the value of CHF 13 Million held by a Hong Kong stock exchange listed pharmaceutical company for a client in Switzerland.



  • Working on behalf of an overseas investment fund we identified assets of a debtor linked to a non performing loan where the pre-investment decision making had been conducted inadequately. The due diligence report they had previously received from another firm suggested it was a safe investment however it later transpired to be a fraudulent scheme. Our team quickly commenced the investigation and in 48hrs locates the debtor who had fled and proved the investment scheme to be a fraud. We then completed a world wide financial investigation locating assets in Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, the US and Panama including property portfolios, off shore bank accounts, trust funds and investments. Our client won a judgement in excess of $150 million due to the quality and integrity of our investigation.

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  • Our forensic accounting investigation of an airline in India proved that the defendants had purposely removed assets from the airline and diverted them off shore. The case is still ongoing in the British Virgin Islands.

  • As part of a New York Ponzi scheme, our hedge fund client was awarded a judgement of $14 Million using the RICO Act in the US. We located the client’s misappropriated funds that had been transferred into an escrow account in California, to two banks in New York then into an account in Colorado. Our evidence was handed over to the IRS and FBI in New York who arrested the offenders and froze their assets. The conspirators were all charged with tax evasion and wire fraud.

  • A forensic accounting and financial investigation of a windfarm company in Poland who were in debt to a London investment fund located significant assets to the value of the claim.

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