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With a global asset recovery team, Kikkar Advisory provides a unique offering, tracing assets globally, and resolving large value loan obligations.


With the UK nexus world renowned for the resolution of financial breach and corporate fraud cases, the team have identified assets globally, from London, to Dubai, to the Caribbean to the Middle East.

The team brings over 30 years of asset recovery expertise to provide International banks with an ability to resolve deep seated protracted challenges to their operations.


We identify the assets and prioritise them in order of recoverability. We then work to quickly commence the recovery process. 

Our team have a 100% success rate at identifying assets and linking them to the debtors. This is due to our experience while working for the UK’s HM Treasury and specialist law enforcement asset recovery teams.

We have adapted our skills to the private sector achieving the same level of success and have become recognised experts in non performing loan debt recovery.

Our investigators and forensic accountants have received commendations from Judges and leading law firms for our presentation of findings and meticulous approach to asset identification and linkage of assets to criminals and debtors.

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